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Quantum Conversations: With Karen Curry Parker

Jan 27, 2020

Despite checking off the boxes of worldly accomplishments, most high-achieving women are secretly dissatisfied. They feel stuck in lives that look perfect on the outside, yet on the inside, they’re unfulfilled, plagued by the nagging feeling that there’s got to be more. 

They feel guilty and ungrateful for feeling...

Jan 14, 2020

We are at a crossroads in the evolution of humanity.  We are facing a vital choice.  Do we evolve or do we devolve?

We have the power to influence the direction in which we steer the future of humanity.  But if we become disconnected to Source - nature, our hearts and the heart of who we are as human beings, we lose our...

Jan 6, 2020

The marriage of science and ancient wisdom not only empowers us to find new meanings and create new realities, it empowers us to move beyond the limitations of strict materialistic thinking and opens us up to finding new and fundamentally creative solutions to the challenges facing humanity at this time. We are in a...